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In order for fish and corals to be healthy and thrive in a tank environment instead of their native home, the conditions have to be just right. Don’t miss any of the vital steps needed to get your aquarium in the best shape possible.

Aquarium Maintenance

Your aquarium and the creatures inside require routine care. Everything from monitoring, testing, deep cleanings and equipment adjustments are needed to keep your tank livable and fish swimming happily.

Aquarium Pros VA makes residential and commercial aquarium care easier by offering weekly, monthly and one-time fish tank maintenance services across Central Virginia.

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Reef Aquariums

Reef aquariums mimic what you’d see in the ocean, but they are not self-sufficient. In fact, the smaller your tank is, the more maintenance you’ll need to keep your water stable.

Aquarium Pros VA offers custom designs and routine care for your reef aquarium. You can get the colorful and engaging reef tank you’ve always wanted.

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Saltwater Aquariums

Saltwater tanks are larger and more costly than your typical freshwater tank. The beautiful fish and corals inside make this investment a much-loved addition to your home or business.

Ensure your new aquarium is ready to be filled with fish with help from Aquarium Pros VA. Our experienced team works to determine your costs and find custom solutions that can work with your budget.

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Lobster Tank Maintenance

Your lobster tank needs reliable and professional cleaning and maintenance. A changing stock of lobsters makes it difficult to keep your aquarium water levels and bioload consistent.

A well-maintained aquarium creates a clear display for the lobsters in your restaurant or store. Take this tedious and meticulous task off your schedule with help from Aquarium Pros VA.

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Freshwater Aquariums

Your freshwater fish need a home that also enhances yours. Aquarium Pros VA can build custom freestanding or wall tanks to fit your aesthetic. 

Personalize your fish aquarium with our team of design experts who can help maintain your routine aquarium.

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Custom Aquarium Design

Does your home or workplace require a uniquely constructed aquarium? You can get the exact materials and specifications you need to complete your room.

Store bought solutions aren’t for everyone. Aquarium Pros VA helps take you beyond typical size and material limits to craft the perfect habitat for your fish.

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Aquarium Installation

Installing a new aquarium takes patience, intentional planning and plenty of knowledge about the ecosystem you want to create. It’s more than just finding a place for a new tank. You have to ensure perfect water circulation and easy maintenance access points.

Aquarium Pros wants to set you up for success from the start. Our skilled and thoughtful aquarium installers ensure your tank, filtration system, lighting and extra features are perfectly situated.

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Commercial Aquarium Leasing

Bring beautiful, living art to your workplace without all of the extra work. By leasing your commercial aquarium, you get a professionally designed fish tank, maintained by experts who truly care about the vitality of your fish.

Aquariums filled with beautiful fish can evoke calm feelings leading to less stress and more productivity. Aquariums cared for regularly make this possible without requiring you to do the research or weekly work.

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Making Your Aquarium Hobby Attainable

The experts at Aquarium Pros VA spent decades growing their skills as hobbyists before passing our years of knowledge to other fish tank owners.

What started as catching fish in Florida and building homes for them as a child has grown into a lifelong passion.

Our goal is to make aquarium ownership possible for homes and businesses across the Richmond region. Enjoy this fun indoor project and watch as corals and fish grow right before your eyes.

Salt, fresh or specialty – no matter what kind of aquatic environment you have, we love to help. To work with professionals who absolutely love aquariums, call Aquarium Pros VA today.

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Your aquarium creates beautiful living art and offers a safe home for your fish. Get the knowledge, tools and services best suited to your complex aquatic ecosystem.

From the aquarium owner who wants the supplies for DIY to the commercial tank that needs weekly maintenance – Aquarium Pros VA can bring your aquarium to life.

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