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Are you looking for professional aquarium maintenance in Fredericksburg and the surrounding area? The experts at Aquarium Pros VA provide full aquarium maintenance options for both residential and commercial aquariums throughout Fredericksburg.

Our aquarium maintenance experts are available to help with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. We provide full maintenance, service, and installation options to ensure you’re getting the help you need for your Fredericksburg aquariums.

No matter what aquarium you’re looking for, our experts can help. We can also help with pond maintenance and lobster tank maintenance to ensure the rest of your water ecosystems are kept in the best shape possible. Our maintenance work extends beyond simple maintenance to custom aquarium designs, hydroponics, and aquaponics. We provide both custom aquariums as well as existing aquariums to help you choose the best option for your home or business.

To learn more about the Fredericksburg aquarium maintenance experts at Aquarium Pros VA and how we can help with your aquarium project, call us today at 804-272-2180 or complete our online request form.

Why Convert To Hydroponics In Fredericksburg?

Hydroponics is a revolutionary way to grow crops. Hydroponics is a type of horticulture where plants are grown in an aquatic system that utilizes mineral nutrient solutions to support plant growth without the use of soil and large plots of land.

By investing in a hydroponics system, you aren’t just ensuring you can grow your crops anywhere, you’re also getting higher yields, using less resources, and making troubleshooting easier.

By converting to hydroponics, your crops can mature up to 25% more quickly than soil grown crops. This is because the nutrients plants are searching for coming through the nutrient rich water right to the roots of your plants. This means that your plants don’t need to spend as much time growing their roots into the soil. As such, their energy can be spent expanding.

More importantly, hydroponics is a closed system. Your crops are protected from damaging weather that might devastate your crop yields. This also means that the less water is used in hydroponics than in soil production because the water isn’t subject to evaporation.

The best benefit of hydroponics is that it makes troubleshooting so much easier when you don’t have to worry about animals or pests interfering with your crop yields. If something isn’t working with your hydroponics system, you can easily figure out the problem and find a solution.

If you can’t figure out the issue with your hydroponic system, it’s easy to call in a professional, like the experts at Aquarium Pros VA. To learn more about why a hydroponics system is right for you, call us today.

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