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Aquaponics is a great way to grow plant life in Richmond. The aquarium maintenance experts at Aquarium Pros VA know that aquaponics can create a natural ecosystem in which your plants and fish can thrive. That’s why we offer professional consultations and information on aquaponics.

Like hydroponics, aquaponics utilizes water-based growing environments to help nurture plant growth. Aquaponics combines hydroponics and aquaculture to create a symbiotic relationship between plant growth and fish waste. The fish waste acts as a fertilizer for the plant growth while the plants act as a natural filtration system for the water the fish use.

If you’re looking for information on creating an aquaponics system or help with aquaponics maintenance, call the experts in aquarium maintenance in Richmond. Our experts are available both to help you plan and to help you maintain your systems so you can be confident in your aquaponics.

To learn more about aquaponics or speak to an expert in Richmond, call the Aquarium Pros VA today at 804-272-2180 or complete our online request form.

Fish And Plants You Can Grow With Aquaponics

Aquaponics allows a natural way to grow your fish and plants at the same time. An aquaponics system is a unique option when it comes to ensuring a full ecosystem. Because the fish waste fertilizes your plants, it’s important to have the right types of fish and the right types of plants for your purposes.

All fish used in aquaculture are freshwater fish. The most popular fish types used in aquaponics are tilapia and barramundi. These fish are popular in aquaponics because of their ability to grow in diverse water conditions. Tilapia and barramundi also grow quickly, which is a plus. In lower water temperatures, trout can also be used.

Other animals that can be grown in the aquaponics system are snails and shrimp.

Most of the plants that can be grown naturally in the aquaponics system are plants that don’t require a high nutrient input. This can include kale, lettuce, arugula, watercress and more. You can also grow vegetables with lower nutrient needs such as leeks, radishes, and spinach.

Other vegetables, such as tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, and beans require higher nutrient values. While this doesn’t mean that these vegetables can’t be grown using aquaponics, it does mean you might need a more advanced system if you’re planning on growing these vegetables.

Another thing to look out for is plants that need high alkaline or acidic water. This can be harmful to the fish in your aquaponics system.

No matter what version of aquaponics you choose for your system, our experts can help. We’ll help you choose the best plants and fish to ensure your aquaponics system does exactly what you want it to. To learn more about aquaponics and how your ecosystem can get started today, call the experts at Aquarium Pros VA today.

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