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A saltwater aquarium teeming with healthy fish, freshly cleaned water and thriving flora, makes a great addition to any space. Are you looking to build a new tank, find caretakers for an existing one or stock up on essential supplies? 

The maintenance experts at Aquarium Pros VA work diligently to upkeep and install custom aquariums to perfectly suit your needs.

Saltwater aquariums provide you with vast stocking options. By designing an environment stocked with fish from the ocean, you’ll create a colorful ecosystem for your home or business.


Our marine experts design your custom saltwater aquarium down to the fish you’re looking at keeping. With professional advice, you’re sure to get the best options for your unique aquatic environment. Speaking with saltwater aquarium specialists at Aquariums Pros VA is the best first step in prepping a tank for inhabitants and best maintenance practices. 

Your saltwater aquarium is a sensitive ecosystem. It will require a more delicate balance than freshwater fresh and vegetation. Aquarium Pros VA will teach you the proper cleaning protocols and perfect pH balances for your saltwater space. A rigorous cleaning schedule and a thorough understanding of aquariums are necessary to ensure live fish are healthy. Prefer to just look at the pretty fish? Aquarium Pros VA offers maintenance services if cleaning fish tanks feel like uncharted waters.

Looking for an ocean-like environment with live corals and thriving fish? Reef aquariums are colorful spaces that offer endless customization opportunities. Aquarium Pros VA helps you determine what kind of live plants, fish species and accessories are right for your tank. 

To learn more about creating and caring for saltwater aquariums in the Richmond area, call our team today at 804-272-2180 or complete our online request form.

How Much Do Saltwater Aquariums Cost? 

Saltwater aquariums are beautiful additions to homes and businesses. From the entertainment your fun-colored fish provide, to a great way to bring unique pets into your home – they’re universally-loved. However, one thing many people worry about is the cost of saltwater aquariums.

Starting off, you’ll be looking at higher costs than a freshwater environment. This is for a number of reasons including:

  • Aquarium Size
  • Filtration Systems
  • Stocking Costs

Aquarium Pros works to understand your budget and give you a realistic route to setting up your saltwater environment. In addition, with our proactive maintenance and care you can stay on top of costs and get the most enjoyment out of your aquarium. 

Requirements for Keeping Saltwater Fish Healthy

A saltwater aquarium should be, at a minimum, 300 liters. This means that your average saltwater aquarium is much larger than a freshwater one. Startup costs will reflect this difference in pricing. However, pricing also depends on the material that makes up your saltwater aquariums. For instance, an acrylic tank will be cheaper than a glass tank. Depending on the size, shape, and material making up your saltwater aquarium, costs can vary.

Another cost is the filtration system necessary to keep it in the best shape possible. Saltwater tanks need higher filtration to ensure they aren’t overrun by harmful chemicals. While this can be a higher cost upfront, it’s also important to note that filtration systems tend to last for quite a long time.

Lastly, higher costs come in what sort of fish and plants you plan on stocking your saltwater aquarium with. Saltwater fish and plants are often more expensive in the beginning to ensure your tank is stocked. However, over time, this investment is returned as your saltwater aquarium becomes a living ecosystem.

To learn more about the costs behind setting up a custom saltwater aquarium, call the experts at Aquarium Pros VA today.

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Your aquarium creates beautiful living art and offers a safe home for your fish. Get the knowledge, tools and services best suited to your complex aquatic ecosystem.

From the aquarium owner who wants the supplies for DIY to the commercial tank that needs weekly maintenance – Aquarium Pros VA can bring your aquarium to life.

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